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☆ Hosting

Hosting Solutions


Business Hosting Plans (Shared Web Hosting Accounts) – perfect for most personal and small or medium sized business Web sites.

Virtual Servers (Virtual Private Servers) – great for larger Web site needs, including easily hosting multiple Web sites, Web site developers looking for a reliable and easy hosting solution for their own clients, ecommerce projects, a stand alone email server, or anyone needing more power and flexibility for their hosting needs.

Dedicated Servers (Managed Private Web Servers) – for the best in performance, reliability and security. Can easily handle the most demanding Web site needs.

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B-) IT Solutions

IT Solutions

You can trust us with your IT work, we cover all the spectrum of support.

What can we do;

L1 – First Line Support: Telephone helpdesk or answer center support

This support level receives inbound requests through channels like phone, Web forms, email, chat, or other means based on the documented agreement with the Client. L1 support typically includes individuals that have very limited technical expertise. L1 support logs, categorizes, prioritizes, tracks, and routes (i) incidents reported by users or (ii) alarms raised by monitoring tools. L1 is intended to be the first to acknowledge an incident. L1 support tracks tickets until successfully resolved. L1 engineers can implement basic, documented break-fix tasks along the lines of following a cookbook recipe. L1 personnel will typically escalate to an L2 resource and follow documented escalation procedures, again, like following a cookbook recipe. Depending on the vendor, L1 technicians will have from 0 to 4 years of prior relevant experience.

L2 – Second Line Support

These technicians have more experience than L1 support technicians and manage incidents raised by the L1s or as agreed in documented SLA (Service Level Agreement) timelines. L2 technicians follow documented processes and workflows provided by Clients or higher level support representatives, vendors, product management, etc. They are expected to escalate to the L3’s when documentation is insufficient to complete the tasks or do not solve the incident. L2s usually have and maintain a Run-Book which they can use for immediate resolutions. They collaborate with any other support or dependency groups in case the incident has a linkage to other support personnel or outside vendors. L2 engineers will typically escalate to an L3 resource and follow documented escalation procedures.
L3 – Third Line Support

L3 technical experts resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. L3 engineers participate in management, prioritization, minor enhancements, break fix activities, problem management, stability analysis, etc. These support leaders have specific, deep understanding and expertise in one or two technology platforms (for example, an Oracle database administrator or a Windows Admin). L3 engineers are proactive in nature, identifying problems in advance and looking for continuous service improvement opportunities. If a fix involves a major enhancement or a development, then the problem is transferred to engineering or development teams, Level 4. L3 engineers may have root or administrator access to basic systems.
L4 – Product and Vendor Support

L4 support refers to product or vendor support and often involves vendor product architects, engineers, software developers, hardware designers and the like. When all other levels of support cannot solve a problem, a request is made to this level of support – usually managed by the L3 support technician or through special project/program management resources. These escalations can often involve product bugs, detailed configuration requirements, or other expert level guidance.

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(F) Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Capture Attention with Relevant and Optimized Content
We leverage data to discover consumer intent, and drive engagement through approachable and shareable content.


Stop users dead in their tracks with visually appealing content.
Effective content will cut through the noise while users scroll through social sites.

Social Ad

Content that is social by design, keeping the brand top of mind for engagement and conversion opportunities.

Advertise Amplification

People see millions of ads in their lifetime — yours needs to stand out. Consumers often care more about your interactions than the products you sell. By pairing the correct content with our data-driven, keyword-rich approaches, your content becomes less sales-pitched and more lifestyle-based —all while keeping ROI up. Boost your social visibility with highly targeted ads focused to drive conversion and engagement.


We create relevant content aimed to engage your target audiences with valuable brand touch points.

Drive To Web

Drive consumer intent to your website and monitor site behaviors and engagement to help aid in the conversion process the next time they log into a social platform.

Content for Engagement

Reach consumers with content designed for user behavior and intent on the platforms they use to engage with your brand. Create brand awareness and drive engagement with a complementing mix of paid and organic content.

Develop and track fun, visual, and shareable content

Stimulate organic reach
Key influencer outreach

Content for Conversion

Our team leverages audience insights to strategically segment content that drives customer acquisition. We amplify relevancy and influence through paid social advertising, organic authority, and quantifiable data.

Content Development
Creative Design
Campaign Ideation and Execution
Social Listening and Trend Monitoring

Create Quality

Social media is the outlet for fun, interactive, and shareable content. We believe that quality over quantity generates more meaningful results for brands and consumers alike. While our main focus is to stimulate growth and drive customer acquisition, we focus on creating a relatable, engaged community by grabbing your audience’s attention with content they actually want to interact with.
Relationships That Matter
Relationships take a lot of work. We manage your social channels with consistent content delivery and community management that keeps users interacting with your brand.

Social Media Optimization

Optimizing for user behavior and intent increases your brand’s visibility across social networks and search engines.

Conversation Marketing

Consumers are inundated with hundreds of media points per day. Utilize a mix of content mediums across channels to drive action and spark conversation. Optimize content for the channel with engaging mediums and brand voice.

The Results

Here’s a look inside what Intelico can do to grow your social authority.

Facebook Marketing Services

Optimized content, audience identification, and advanced targeting elevate your brand.

Twitter Marketing Services

Trend monitoring, conversation marketing and promotion propel your brand’s social voice.

Google+ Marketing Services

Optimized posts, conversation marketing and authorship create search and social success.

Pinterest Marketing Services

Optimized pin board development and creative design establish new purchase consideration.

Instagram Marketing Services

Campaign development and image optimization drive engagement with prospects and influencers.

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<3 Web Design & Dev

Web Design & Development


code-1076536_1280Responsive website design adapts to the growing need for mobile optimization and offers brands a cost-effective solution to improve search exposure, user-experience, and website management. In 2014, mobile surpassed desktop as the top way users access the Internet. This shift shows the importance of providing a consistent and engaging experience on devices of all sizes. Our responsive design process leverages analytical data to understand how targeted personas navigate and reach conversion points. We sync that strategy with intuitive design to develop conversion-focused pages that maximize action on every screen.

Benefits of Responsive Design:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Improve SEO
  • Google Loves Responsive
  • Improve User Experience
  • Cost Effective Design
  • Flexible Layout